TAKE ACTION NOW: Stop P3s and Privatization

Selling public buildings, attacking Crown corporations, and signing 30-year P3 schemes all cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Privatization never pays off; it only lines the pockets of corporations. Public ownership is less risky, less expensive, and it ensures accountability.

The Sask. Party government's 2018-2019 budget includes millions of dollars for privatization. For example, one-third of all highways spending in the province is going towards the privatized bypass around Regina. 

The Minister of Central Services, Ken Cheveldayoff, has said he is reviewing all of the government's 660 publicly-owned buildings, and deciding which ones to sell-off. 

The Sask. Party government still has not fully repealed their Crown corporation privatization law, Bill 40.

Stop the sell-offs and put a moratorium on signing any more P3 agreements.

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