TAKE ACTION NOW: Invest in Public Services

Strong public services are the backbone of a strong economy. We all have a stake in ensuring everybody has access to the services they need. Seniors, students, patients, and medical professionals deserve better. 

In its 2018-2019 budget, the Sask. Party government said it is looking to save $35 million in 2018, and another $35 million in 2019 on public sector compensation. This means job eliminations, short-staffing, and other claw backs.

The Sask. Party government has still not formally announced a withdrawal of its plan to pickpocket 3.5% from hard-working public sector employees.

Reverse the cuts, stop the threats of rollbacks and layoffs, and get serious about investing in public services.

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour represents 100,000 working people across the province. We fight for economic and social justice for all.


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